Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga Therapy is a personalized approach to health, healing and freedom from pain. Many times pain in the body is a signal that there is dysfunction and compensation that we don’t even know we have. Or we have been pushing through pain for so long it is the only way we know how to carry on.

Therapeutic Yoga can help you find function again, and in profoundly simple ways.

Through a system of ease and relaxation, then building stability and strength, your body will rediscover what moving through a pain-free range means again. Learning how to move the major joints in their optimal range of movement (specifically for you), leads to dissolving pain or tension and ultimately results in better functional movement overall.

Who can Benefit from Yoga Therapy?

Whether you are in chronic pain from an injury or illness, pre- or post- surgery, or wanting to have a more optimum yoga practice, yoga therapy can help you. Therapeutic yoga is a gentle and effective system of movement and breath that is safe for all ages and levels of mobility.

Available Group Classes

Yoga Nidra with Tibetan Bowls | 2019

Join Jill Johnson and Deb Yoder for the ultimate relaxation experience. Jill’s voice will guide you through a yoga nidra (deep meditation) as Deb’s Tibetan bowls weave soft melodies through your consciousness.

There is space for 10 to enjoy this healing practice. Bring a mat, pillow and/or blanket for extra comfort. The cost is $20 for an hour of sublime relaxation.

Jill will hold Yoga Nidra once a month at 4th Avenue Yoga during the summer months.

5:30-6:30pm, $20
•    January 9 and/or 23; February 6 and/or 20

•    707 E 41st St, #225. This new space is a part of the office called the Soul Collective. There is off street parking behind the building, parking out front on 41st St and best of all, no parking meters! Pre-registration is required. Please call or text Deb @ 838-7520 to reserve your spot.


One-on-One Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Enjoy focused care as you learn and experience moving your body through a pain free range that builds ease, stability and strength.

75 minutes – $75 (+tax)


Mindfulness For Your Business

Jill is available to lead your business in meditation classes, chair yoga, or other public presentations on a variety of health and yoga-related topics. Jill is also available to create and consult on your custom yoga and wellness presentation needs.

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